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Preserve your sweetest wedding memory

Keeping tradition fresh, Take the Cake ("TTC") specializes in the
preservation and storage of wedding cake tops following the Big Day.



Our wedding cake was a favorite aspect of our special day.  We were adamant that the cake would be carrot and a delicious one was baked by a family friend for our wedding in May 2014. In keeping with the tradition, and in hopes enjoying a few more slices, we wrapped up the top layer with the intention of re-living wedding memories on our anniversary.

Between our immediate honeymoon departure, two moves in the first two years and lack of freezer space, properly storing this important memory was almost impossible for us, as it is for most couples. It doesn’t have to be this way.

TTC provides a platform through which this time-honored tradition becomes your sweetest anniversary wedding memory. Let us help you do it right!

- Kate & Dave Oliveira (Co-Founders)


Email us at if interested in ordering either of our packages!


Preservation Package: $149

Services included:

  • Delivery of cake top preservation supplies and packaging two weeksprior to event
  • Shipping to Take The Cake cold storage facility
  • Cake preservation for up to one year
  • Return shipment of cake at first-year anniversary to the location of your preference (US only)


Celebration Package: $39

Provisions for 1st anniversary cake enjoyment:

  • "Sweet Memories" cake server -- perfect for years of use
  • GoVino© stemless champagne flutes for any setting
  • Anniversary cake plates, napkins and forks
  • Candle votive
  • Detailed defrosting instructions


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